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April Haul: Kelly Purkey Kits and Stamps, WMRK Album & Washi Tape

May 20, 2016

Good Morning Kit:

I have to say I am enjoying the themed kits lately from Kelly Purkey, which is a bit unusual for me because there is no real theme to my life, aside from my cat and my job. Receiving themed kits usually means it either never gets used at all or it sits around until it fits what I’m working on. But fortunately the Good Morning kit, speaks to the early risers and the “I hit the snooze button for 2 hours straight” person (thats me).

While I like the color scheme, it doesn’t really give off a morning feel. It’s a bit dark to me, the reds and blues are too deep and intense, and the green is dull. The reds and pinks were the only colors which made sense to me. All together they work well (except the green, its just ugly) but I wish they were part of a different theme.

The stamp is the best part of the kit, it always is for me. Snooze Button and Morning Commute were the best, they will get used.


Brandi Kinkaid Little Victories Kit:

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I almost didn’t get this kit. It was in my cart then out of my cart… then back in and out. Finally I said, “fuck it, i’m buying it.” I was still on the fence after that but once I received it today, I have no regrets. The cards are a lot of fun; “buy your own damn flowers” and “pancakes for breakfast” are hilarious and I might just hoard them because I don’t want to use them.

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The stamps are also just as funny as it reminds us to celebrate the tiny victories that we look over, like eating a salad, being nice before the first cup of coffee, not cussing someone out, putting pants on… you know, adult life struggles. Celebrate them 🙂

Bad Day Planner and Megababe Stamps:

I am 150% over planner stamps but these are pretty damn awesome. They actually fit in well with the kits for the month, Good Morning and Tiny Victories, because this stamp is the stamp for all things struggle related. Everything can’t always be roses, sometimes part of the documentation process is to acknowledge the difficult things. So use the ugly photos of yourself in a layout and write about how you totally messed up your presentation in front of executive management. It’s ok, its life. We live and learn.

Another item that I debated on was the Megababe stamp, mostly because I wasn’t sure of how I would use it. But I realized that maybe I can use some of the non-word stamps to create some kind of pattern. So I took a chance on it, not 100% sure on it yet but i do like it so far.

Michael’s Washi Tape:

If you haven’t gone by your local Michael’s lately, do it. After last year I put myself on a strict “no-buy” for washi tape since I have rolls and rolls of it. But after a thread over a 2 Peas raving about the new tape, I made an exception and mostly because I had a 40% off Recollections coupon.

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I picked up 3 of them, even though I’m not a huge fan of lettering on my washi tape, the colors were gorgeous. The sheet on the left has more of a marble background, the middle sheet is part of their boho line, and the sheet on the right has a watercolor background.

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Processed with VSCO

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We R Memory Keepers Ombre Album:

As I was browsing my local scrapbook store, I looked down and saw this gorgeous pink ombre album. I saw these online during the early part of the year and figured I wouldn’t see these hit the stores until summer. Even though I don’t use the 12×12 size, I couldn’t resist getting it. They also had the blue one but it leaned a little bit too green for me, it was an odd color so I passed. The quality that WRMK is known for is still there, the small dents on the side were caused by me because I dropped it 🙁 womp

Phew… normally I don’t purchase this much but this month was an exception, there were some cool things out there. Did anyone else get something fun this past month?


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  • Reply LisaDV May 21, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    You have lots of great stuff to play with. I love how you’ve displayed the very pretty washi. Those stamps are great.

  • Reply Karen M May 23, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    wonderful purchases, love both kits and now I REALLY want those washi…

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