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I Love Music: My Musings and a Layout

May 27, 2016

I love music, any kind of music
I love music, just as long as it’s groovin’

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about music. After receiving Kelly Purkey’s Playlist Kit back in March I have been really into documenting the music that I listen to. As different as we all are, I think that the love of music, as well as food, is the one thing that unites people. Have you ever asked someone what kind of music they like and then watched their facial expression afterwards? It is as if a surge of happiness came over them; they smile big, posture straightens, voice gets louder, and then the conversation flows. People love music.

 It is extremely powerful because it this way of influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions; it fills us with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia. As you sit back and listen, the music begins to flow through your body and suddenly you are transported to a different time, place, smell, and/or feeling. Sometimes you get up and dance or sing at the top of your lungs, other times you break down into tears as you fall to the floor.

I love music that I can feel. I have anxiety and music is my coping tool, if I feel myself getting to that “point of no return”, I carry headphones with me at all times so I can listen to music.  I am grateful to have a family which values the arts, growing up I played 3 different instruments; piano, tenor sax, and the clarinet. Not only is listening to music therapeutic, so is playing it. When I would get on stage for performances, I’d be shaking but the moment I started to play, I became filled with confidence and I would smile because I was so happy. The music I played filled me with joy.

I wanted to document my current playlist which is all about motivating myself. I grabbed 4 songs which always make me feel empowered and driven along with my favorite line. Just looking at this layout makes me happy.

2016-05-18 07.06.40 1

While writing this I decided to make my own 4×4 mini album with my favorite artists, songs, and albums. It should be a really fun project and I can’t wait to share it!


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  • Reply Michelle May 28, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Love this idea and it’s resulted in a great layout.

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