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Dealing with a Creative Slump

February 26, 2017

Since I started on my memory keeping journey, I’ve never had this happen to me. If I ever took a break it was because I simply didn’t have anything going on or I had no time. But now, I had things to document AND I had the time, so why wasn’t the creativity flowing?! For the first couple of weeks I think I was trying to force myself to do something which is doesn’t work for me. Trying to do something your mind and heart isn’t interested in is just torture so there isn’t a point in putting yourself through it.

So instead of trying to fight it, I said fuck it and went about my life (except for my creative team obligations). One of the largest reasons why I wasn’t able to focus was because my working space looked like this.

As you can see there is stuff everywhere and this is definitely not a proper area to do much of anything except pile more stuff on.

Ever notice when your space is cluttered so is your mind? Before I did anything else in my apartment, I needed to clear this area. And once this happened, all of the other stress that I was dealing with just fell to the side. I could walk into my apartment and see a CLEAN area (a rarity these days).

Once the table was looking nice and neat, I still wasn’t feeling very creative so I started to crochet and draw. Then I needed to pack for my upcoming move. Plus I had to focus on my new job that I just started. And I also wanted to enhance my personal relationships and stay away from social media for a bit. After about 2 weeks I forgot all about my projects and honestly, that felt good. I no longer felt obligated to try and do something in my album, I just let it be for the moment.

Leaving it all alone was probably the best thing that I could have done to help get over this slump. Now that we are halfway through February and I’m officially 4 months behind, I have plenty of things to document and a fresh set of ideas for my layouts.

I wrote a blog post about 5 ways to get past your creative slump over at Sahin Designs. It’s got some general ideas to help you out if you’re finding yourself stuck. Check it out here.

How do you get over a creative slump? Let me know in the comments below.

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