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Week In the Life 2017: Completed Album

May 9, 2017

My week in the life is finally completed! Using the smaller album and going almost digital with its contents made the process go by much faster. As this is my first time particpating, it made me realize how much I do in a given week because there are times I sit there wondering “what did I do?” Well now I know, I do a lot of boring and mundane things but thats life.

For my album and contents, I am going to be using my 2015 Ali Edwards WITL kit that I never used. There were so many times I was close to donating the items but I’m glad I held onto them and even more surprised I could find almost piece.


Monday Week in the life

Monday was a calm and fairly uneventful except the phone call that my Olive Midori had arrived at the store. I actually had forgotten that the week in the life had even started until later in the afternoon while browsing instagram. Luckily I had already taken a few photos during the morning.

Each day will start off with a journaling card which either describes the day in full or just the photo above (or below). Due to the small size of this album I had to get really creative with how I incorporate all of my photos PLUS the journaling. I tried to handwrite onto my cards but it never looks neat enough so on Monday I decided to type everything so if I make a mistake, I can simply reprint.


Tuesday Week in the Life

Tuesday was spent neck deep in emails and reports so the only real chance I got to do anything was going upstairs to make one my favorite dishes, the Loco Moco. Yes I know it looks kind of gross but its rice, a fried egg, a burger patty, topped with gravy and it is delicious while being extremely filling.

Later in the afternoon I ended up running some errands; mostly because I desperately need some new tops and of course once I hit the mall area I remembered all of the other things I needed to do. Using template collages for this project was a must for me. I purchased the 3×8 templates from Ali Edwards along with the JetSet collection from Geralyn Sy (In A Creative Bubble) to help get all of my photos in one layout. I was able to get all of my shopping photos into the template and then I added some of the digital 3×4 cards from Ali Edwards along with some digital elements for variety.


Wednesday Week In the Life

Wednesday is when my week finally picks up and starts to look a bit more interesting. Instead of working from home I’m heading into the office as I battle Seattle traffic. As much as I enjoy working from home, I do like putting on actual pants and interacting with people once in a while. I also treated myself to a small box of macarons from the bakery downstairs because why not. My younger brother showed up for a visit which means 10x as many shoes at the front door (we don’t wear shoes inside).

Today I became more comfortable using templates and digital stamps to decrease the amount of journaling I was going to do. I’m also making my own filler cards using some Sahin Designs collections so I can add my own personal touch to the week.


We are over the hump! Almost to the weekend and it can’t come quick enough. I woke up this morning to about 100 emails so I left and bought one of those Unicorn frappuccinos from Starbucks… lets just say they look pretty on camera because they do not taste good.

The weather in Seattle has been so weird lately, aside from the almost 4 feet of rain since October, we can easily range from sun, rain, hail, thunder, and wind all in a 24 hour period. Pick a season Seattle!

Instead of detailing the little tidbits of my day, I printed off one of the 3×8 cards from Ali Edwards and wrote in what I was doing at any given hour. I really liked that because at some point I could see the points when I would get a bit frustrated with my day mostly because working from home can be so dull.


Yes, its Friday and the sun is out but my day started off rough. In fact today was “normal”, just like the card above. I accidentally slept in and almost missed a call, then my cat yelled at me for about an hour because she wanted more food/attention, then I had to wash and do my hair, go get toilet paper, groceries, and finally wash my car for the first time in months. If there was ever a day where I felt like an actual adult, it was today.

But at the end of the day I was able to curl up in this really fun mermaid tail blanket my brother got me.


Even though I’ve been looking forward to the weekend, I really didn’t do anything. On Saturday we went out to brunch and I had the some french toast stuffed with cheesecake and strawberries. Not really breakfast but it was good. Afterwards I came home and went right back to bed. I had breakfast with the boyfriend on Sunday and then relaxed the rest of the day again.

The photo above with my cat watching Daria is probably the favorite photo from the week. I’m here relaxing with my buddy watching one of my all time favorite shows before we head to bed.

Now that I have experienced what its like to be a part of week in the life, I honestly don’t think I’d do it again. This isn’t because I didn’t enjoy the experience, but because I already have a separate album that documents my everyday life so while this one was a bit more in depth, its not necessary. Maybe down the line once things in my life change up I may return but for now I am sticking to my project life album (and all the unfinished vacation minis).


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