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December Daily – My complete 2015 album

October 15, 2016

December Daily is a memory keeping project which documents your day to day experiences leading up to Christmas. Last year was my first year participating in December Daily and I was ready, or so I thought.

I had heard of many not finishing their albums until January or February, and even later. To avoid this, I had everything setup prior to December 1st and plans to document all the things I wanted to do. And then I got to about day 12 before I couldn’t keep up. Between my job and the unexpected death of my best friend, I couldn’t do it. From that point on, I just took photos for the rest of the month with hopes I could finish later.

Later turned into January, then February and now here we are in October. Now that I have some time, I decided to finish what I started. Most of my album is digital with few embellishments since I wanted to focus more on the story and the photos.

December Daily
December Daily

You know the Holiday season has officially started when Starbucks begins to roll out their Holiday Red Cups.

December Daily

December Daily

December Daily Day 3 and 4

December Daily Day 5 and 6

December Daily Day 7 and 8

December Daily Day 9 and 10

December Daily Day 11

December Daily

December Daily

December Daily Day 14 and 15

The photo for day 14 is probably one of my favorites, it reads “Dear Santa, I’m writing you to tell you I’ve been naughty and it was worth it. You fat judgmental bastard.” I also spent a lot of December photographing my cat… mostly to keep an eye on her because cats and christmas trees do not go well.

December Daily

Some people love pumpkin spice lattes… not me, I think they are disgusting. I love the Salted Caramel Mocha and wait all.year.long for it.

December Daily

I made it to Leavenworth, Washington for the annual christmas lighting and it was worth it. *Makes mental note to book tickets now for December*

Welp, there we have it. I did leave off a few days from this post because they were of family and private moments. But overall, I am really happy with my album. I’m not sure if I will do it again this year because Halloween is my Christmas (i’m doing my October Daily album right now. A 4×4 or 4×6 mini album would best suit my needs if I decide to partake again this year.

Items Used: Ali Edwards Main Kit, Ali Edwards Mini Kits (Kelly Purkey, Ashley G, and Jasmine Jones), Pink Fresh Studio Christmas Wishes, Kelly Purkey Clearly Kelly Stamps, Becky Higgins Album

Memory Keeping Project Life

Mini Album: Columbus, OH

August 15, 2016

A year ago I made a business trip back to Columbus, OH and since it was the first trip I’d been on since I started doing pocket scrapbooking, I wanted to make a mini album. Well, when I returned I had all of the photos edited and ready to be printed, my album was picked out and I was ready to get going. But I had another vacation right afterwards so basically nothing got done. But because I was editing photos and creating my layouts on the plane, I was able to complete the album within a couple of hours once I actually started.

Since I’d never been to Columbus before, I wanted to go exploring and see as much as I could. I love museums, gardens, historical sites, galleries, and the like, so since the museum was closed I headed over to the Franklin Park Conservatory. It is gorgeous and the weather was perfect for wandering around a park and garden.

Franklin Park Conservatory

While I was inside, I ended up taking photos of everything. I think I spent over an hour walking through every single room, some rooms more than once just soaking everything in. This is why I love traveling alone, I can take all the time I want exploring without someone getting tired, wanting to go somewhere else, or just rushing me.

After leaving the park I walked around downtown Columbus, checking out the architecture and historical sites.

Eventually I wandered over to German Town and found the coolest bookstore ever. Well I saw it while driving by the day before and knew I had to go back. It’s called The Book Loft and it is 32 rooms of book bliss. It is far too easy to get lost in there because each room is like a mini library. Fortunately I only had a small purse or I would have walked out with an arm full of books.

The Book Loft

Tried new food at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant… not sure i’m a fan of German food but its always a good idea to try something new.

After 5 hours of wandering around downtown Columbus in 90 degree weather and jeans, I had to head back to the hotel. I rented a bike and struggled to ride over the cobblestone back to where I could catch a cab. By the time I came back to the hotel I was exhausted, sweaty, but satisfied with the day. I think this was a good trip to document even though it was only 2 days long. I learned a lot while doing the mini album, mostly how to scale things wayyyyy down and focus on the photos with a little bit of journaling. Its basically pocket scrapbooking on a minimalist level. Maybe i’ll end up going back to Columbus, but if I do, is there anything else that should be on my “must see” list?