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December Daily – My complete 2015 album

October 15, 2016

December Daily is a memory keeping project which documents your day to day experiences leading up to Christmas. Last year was my first year participating in December Daily and I was ready, or so I thought.

I had heard of many not finishing their albums until January or February, and even later. To avoid this, I had everything setup prior to December 1st and plans to document all the things I wanted to do. And then I got to about day 12 before I couldn’t keep up. Between my job and the unexpected death of my best friend, I couldn’t do it. From that point on, I just took photos for the rest of the month with hopes I could finish later.

Later turned into January, then February and now here we are in October. Now that I have some time, I decided to finish what I started. Most of my album is digital with few embellishments since I wanted to focus more on the story and the photos.

December Daily
December Daily

You know the Holiday season has officially started when Starbucks begins to roll out their Holiday Red Cups.

December Daily

December Daily

December Daily Day 3 and 4

December Daily Day 5 and 6

December Daily Day 7 and 8

December Daily Day 9 and 10

December Daily Day 11

December Daily

December Daily

December Daily Day 14 and 15

The photo for day 14 is probably one of my favorites, it reads “Dear Santa, I’m writing you to tell you I’ve been naughty and it was worth it. You fat judgmental bastard.” I also spent a lot of December photographing my cat… mostly to keep an eye on her because cats and christmas trees do not go well.

December Daily

Some people love pumpkin spice lattes… not me, I think they are disgusting. I love the Salted Caramel Mocha and wait all.year.long for it.

December Daily

I made it to Leavenworth, Washington for the annual christmas lighting and it was worth it. *Makes mental note to book tickets now for December*

Welp, there we have it. I did leave off a few days from this post because they were of family and private moments. But overall, I am really happy with my album. I’m not sure if I will do it again this year because Halloween is my Christmas (i’m doing my October Daily album right now. A 4×4 or 4×6 mini album would best suit my needs if I decide to partake again this year.

Items Used: Ali Edwards Main Kit, Ali Edwards Mini Kits (Kelly Purkey, Ashley G, and Jasmine Jones), Pink Fresh Studio Christmas Wishes, Kelly Purkey Clearly Kelly Stamps, Becky Higgins Album

Memory Keeping Project Life

Pocket Scrapbooking: My Must Have Items

May 17, 2016


After a while, you will realize that you have “favs” whether it be brands, items, styles, or even colors, you will have your favorites. That isn’t a bad thing, because when you are able to grab your favorite anything, it can give you a sudden boost of inspiration and excitement. It makes you happy to begin your project and that feeling when you finish your layout, I admit is pretty good.

The list below is simply that, a list, my list to be exact. There is no such thing as a right or wrong one, only the one that works best for you. While there are some items below that are no-brainers like tape and scissors, other items are more specific and might prompt you to explore that item more and possibly incorporate it into your crafting.

Tim Holtz tiny stapler

My new favorite crafting item, I never knew how helpful it would be. Using staples on layouts always turned me off because it seemed to take away from the “clean” look but once I started using it, I liked it. A lot. Plus if I make a mistake or change my mind, its a lot easier to remove a tiny staple then permanent tape from paper.

Tonic 6 inch guillotine

Because I rarely do an actual layout bigger than 6×6, this tiny guillotine is perfect for cutting up photos or smaller pieces of paper. It travels well, built sturdy, and gives me a clean cut every time.

Micron pens

I love to journal and these pens glide so nicely across the paper. I actually bought them to use with my travelers notebook and after seeing how nice these pens were, I started journaling with them.

Adhesive Tape

Any type of adhesive tape will work fine, I personally prefer the Tombow Permanent Adhesive but if I’m unable to get it, Elmers makes a good one too.

Small sized scissors

Again, small layouts mean smaller tools. I have a small pair from Tonic (that match my guillotine) which allow me to carefully cut out or around things. They also come with a little cover for safety.

Versafine and Staz-On black ink

I always have one these handy and they get use depending on the project. The Versafine is great for showing clear detail so I use this when stamping on paper. The Staz-On is what I use when I need to stamp directly on photos.

Friskars Clear Stamp Blocks

Any kind of stamp block is a necessity for those of us who want to use clear stamps. I prefer these ones because of the variety of sizes and the thickness of the blocks.

Epson Ultra-Premium Presentation Matte paper

For those of you who choose to print at home, I highly recommend this paper. It’s thick which makes it ideal for printing project life cards and my photos come out vibrant and clear. It can be a bit expensive and difficult to find, but I buy mine in bulk from Fry’s Electronics and they price match Amazon’s site 🙂


Hands down the best photo editing tool on a mobile device. It is simple, straight forward with none of the fluff that you might see in other editing apps. While the app is free, a lot of filter pre-sets need to be purchased but they usually have a sale once a month where you’ll be able to get the packs for 50%.

Tsukineko Memento Dew Drops

Ink can get expensive and if you’re just getting started these mini inks are perfect. They come in packs of either 4 or 12 and usually can be found for great prices with a coupon. I purchased the 12 packs using some 40% coupons and paid about $15 per. They come in a huge variety of colors, they’re small and portable for those of us who do projects on the go, and they also come in dye, pigment and chalk ink.

FujiFilm Instax Printer

Total gimmick item but its actually a lot of fun to use. I do have one of the instax Camera’s as well but its large and photos are hit or miss, mostly miss. So I use the smartphone printer instead so if I print 10 photos, they will all develop and be useable. I can use photos from my phone and digital camera, add filters, dates, and other little add-ons I rarely use. The only downside is that you will need to connect via wifi print.

What are some of your must have items?

Memory Keeping Project Life

Why I Am A Memory Keeper

April 26, 2016

When people find out that I scrapbook, I either get asked why or they just make this really funny confused looking face. I understand, its not very common that you see a young woman with no children taking on a hobby traditionally done by older women with families. But when I explain it to them, they get it… sometimes.

As a child, I was always writing and taking photographs. I also hoard everything. Ticket stubs, receipts, brochures, and any other little knick knacks that reminded me of where I’d been, what I’ve eaten, or who I was with. I never did anything with them and all they did was sit in a box until last year when I discovered pocket scrapbooking (or project life as some call it). The concept of it immediately appealed to me because I could actually take all of those photos I had, put them in an album, and write about it.

The photo above is the real reason why I scrapbook. I remember that day vividly; I had the chance to see one of my favorite bands, No Doubt, in concert with my best friend Chartchai. We danced, sang, and had an awesome time out on the lawn in the sun with friends. In December 2015, Chartchai passed away unexpectedly and in an instant, my best friend of over a decade was gone. It was really difficult for me and I kept looking around for something physical that reminded me of him. I was actually almost frantic about it because I realized we never really bought a lot of things for one another. But then I realized, I had a lot of photos and items from our times together, including this ticket stub. So while I didn’t have one special item, I had years of memories.

My generation tends to allow their memories to live online, and while that isn’t a bad thing at all (I pulled this photo from my facebook page) sometimes things never make it offline. Being able to print off my photos and place them into books means I can take a walk down memory lane any time. I can read about everything that happened and look at old items I kept. Think about how we ooh and ahh over items that were kept from previous generations. Letters, posters, photos, etc., those are things that we tend to cherish. If I choose to have children, I’d like to leave something behind that they might choose to cherish and it would be great for them to realize that once upon a time, mom/grandma/great-grandma was cool and did cool things 🙂

Every person scrapbooks and documents for their own personal reasons, whether it was a family tradition, a new child being born, or just happened to come across it at a craft store, we do it because it means something important to us. What was your reason? Let me know below!